Thank you for choosing Oceanview Eco Villas for your stay on Kangaroo Island.  We look forward to welcoming you to our property and helping you create wonderful memories and experiences during your stay with us.

As with any special experience that you take the time to plan, it is important we share the terms and conditions in relation to any booking.

All bookings with Oceanview Eco Villas are subject to the following commercial terms and conditions:


All rates quoted are in AUD and inclusive of 10% GST.  Rates may be subject to change without notice if costs rise beyond our control.


Confirmation of booking is upon written confirmation by email.

Payment and Cancellation Policy

Payment terms are within 30 days from date of scheduled arrival.
Oceanview Eco Villas are a small, boutique eco-luxury accommodation and our guests frequently plan their stay with us many months in advance and as part of a complex itinerary. 

Cancellations within 2 months of arrival will result in 25% deposit paid being forfeited.

Cancellations within 30 days of arrival will result in 100% of the booking monies being forfeited.

Changes to dates of stay may be accommodated without penalty, with at least 2 months notice of change subject to availability. 

Changes to dates will not be guaranteed over the peak period due to limited availability. We understand that exceptional circumstances may arise, impacting scheduled dates for travel and accommodation booked. Where possible and reasonable, we will always seek to accomodate the needs of our guests, through refund or alternative dates. 

All requests for change or cancellation for bookings must be received in writing and are not actioned unless we issue written confirmation. 

No refund will be given for non-arrival, any unused nights of stay or associated services. It is recommended guests take comprehensive travel insurance to accommodate changes to travel arrangements.

Minimum Stay

Oceanview Eco Villas provides a minimum two night stay per booking. Single night stays will attract an additional charge. Refer to rate sheet for pricing.

Check-In/Check-Out Times

Check-in is 3:00pm on the day of arrival. Check-out is 10:30am on the day of departure.

Early check-in and late-check out may be accommodated subject to availability and will incur an additional fee per occurrence. Refer to rate sheet for pricing. Requests for early check-in are to be made in writing and not guaranteed unless we issue a written confirmation.

Smoking Policy

Oceanview Eco Villas is a non-smoking property and smoking is not allowed in the villas.  An outside area designated for smokers, with facilities for appropriate disposal of cigarette butts can be provided with prior notice, at no additional fee. For any guests smoking in the villas, an additional cleaning fee of $1000 will be charged, along with forfeiture in right to stay and loss of booking.

Family friendly

We are family friendly and welcome children. For us to remain family friendly we do ask that parents and caregivers encourage their children to behave as welcome guests, and respect the furniture, interiors and landscaping, as well as the experience for other guests. Damages incurred by guests staying in the villas through lack of care will be invoiced upon departure.

Behaving as welcome guests

  • Oceanview Eco Villas have been built to a high standard in a beautiful location surrounded by nature. Our energy and waste management systems are designed to work in harmony with nature and we ask for your co-operation in separating waste for recycling, respecting our composting systems by not putting any inorganic material into it, and not feeding wildlife or disturbing the plants and animals whose homes we share.
  • We are not a party venue – guests are not permitted to host friends or other guests after hours and a maximum number of visitors during daylight is limited to the number of guests in your travelling party.
  • We recommend limiting driving after dark as there is a high chance of encountering wildlife on our roads and the access roads to the property.

Traveller responsibilities

In booking accommodation the traveller: 

  • accepts the physical risks involved in staying in a rural location 
  • is responsible for the safekeeping against loss and protection against damage of all personal effects of the traveller except where items have been deposited into the safekeeping of Oceanview Eco Villas. A safe is provided for personal use in each villa bedroom
  • is recommended to take out travel insurance covering cancellations, inability to travel or continue with the accommodation booking (for whatever reason), loss or damage to personal effects, medical, evacuation and repatriation expenses, and accidental death or disability;

Oceanview Eco Villas Responsibilities

In accepting an accommodation booking, Oceanview Eco Villas agrees: 

  • that the traveller’s pre-payment will be held in trust until after the travel and accommodation services have been provided; 
  • to maintain liability and indemnity insurance to cover the liabilities of travellers (however, travellers are advised to rely upon their own travel insurance in almost all instances where injury, loss or damage is suffered to themselves or their effects); 
  • to maintain licences and permits necessary to carry out accommodation arrangements; 
  • to ensure a high level of personalised service in keeping with the standard of accommodation being offered to guests.

General Conditions

The traveller and Oceanview Eco Villas agree that: 

  • a binding accommodation contract “a reservation” incorporating these terms and conditions will be formed when Oceanview Eco Villas confirms the traveller’s booking on receipt of the deposit or full payment (as the case may be); 
  • full payment of the accommodation price is required prior to the commencement of the stay unless otherwise specified; 
  • all accommodation provided is twin-share. Single occupants must pay for two persons.
  • a reservation will lapse if the traveller does not pay the deposit or outstanding balance by the due date;
  •  if a force majeure circumstance necessitates cancellation or changes to accommodation that has been booked, the traveller must rely upon any travel insurance they hold for compensation; and, where possible, Oceanview Eco Villas will substitute accommodation with similar standard. As of January 2019 the most likely incidents to impact on traveller plans are cancellations of ferry services to and from the Island due to actual or anticipated rough sea conditions.
  • Oceanview Eco Villas reserves the right to notify the traveller of alterations, amendments and cancellations to  accommodation arrangements in accordance with these terms and conditions;  
  • travellers are bound by these terms and conditions by the booking in their own right or having a booking made on their behalf by another person from the time of booking.


Traveller complaints will be dealt with as follows: 

  • travellers should make all complaints directly to Oceanview Eco Villas directly at the time of the event leading to the complaint, so as to give Oceanview Eco Villas the opportunity to investigate or remedy the complaint; and
  • Oceanview Eco Villas will not accept responsibility for complaints received more than 14 days after an event leading to a complaint;
  • All complaints not addressed at the time of the event must be lodged in writing so as to allow careful consideration of the service or facility issue which is the subject of the complaint.

Liability, Responsibility, Limitation and Jurisdiction

  • Oceanview Eco Villas is not responsible for the actions, defaults or negligence of any travel or tour providers it engages for the purposes of the accommodation, except where the loss or damage arises from a specific direction given by Oceanview Eco Villas to those providers. Travellers should direct all claims to those providers and be aware that they are bound by the conditions of travel or accommodation imposed by those providers. 
  • The traveller is responsible for all loss or damage arising through his or her own fault.
  • Oceanview Eco Villas will not be liable for any illness, injury or death sustained whilst accommodated at Oceanview Eco Villas by reason of the traveller’s medical condition.
  • Oceanview Eco Villas will not be responsible for, and the traveller releases Oceanview Eco Villas from, any liability arising out of any medical condition suffered by the traveller during their stay, or as a consequence of their stay. 
  • The traveller indemnifies and holds harmless Oceanview Eco Villas and its officers, employees and suppliers against all actions, proceedings, claims, demands, expenses and costs (including legal costs on a full indemnity basis and whether incurred by or awarded against Oceanview Eco Villas) as a result of, or arising in relation to, whether directly or indirectly, the traveller booking or participating in the accommodation or any act or omission by the traveller in relation to their accommodation. 
  • To the maximum extent permitted by law, all implied conditions and warranties regarding the provision of services by Oceanview Eco Villas under these terms and conditions are excluded.
  • Oceanview Eco Villas liability in relation to any non-excludable conditions or warranties is limited to (at Oceanview Eco Villas option) either delivering the services again, or paying the cost of providing similar services again. In any event, Oceanview Eco Villas total liability under this Agreement (including for loss or damage to baggage, compensation for distress, disappointment and loss of enjoyment) will be limited to the amount of the accommodation price actually paid by the traveller to Oceanview Eco Villas. 
  • To the maximum extent permitted by law, Oceanview Eco Villas excludes, and the traveller releases Oceanview Eco Villas from all other liability, including without limitation any consequential or special damages or costs, arising directly or indirectly from or in relation to the services provided in accordance with these terms and conditions. 
  • Any booking shall be subject to and construed in accordance with the laws in force in South Australia and the parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of South Australia.

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